Chatmeter's Local Brand Report:

Top Restaurant Brands of 2021

Local Brand Report: Top Restaurant Brands of 2021

This report takes a look at 75 restaurant chains in the U.S. split into 3 segments: under 50 locations, under 500 locations, and over 500 locations. The top 10 brands in each of these segments are then ranked based on two categories: Local Brand Visibility (LBV) and Online Reputation.  The purpose of this report is to identify which brands are making the most effort to acquire and retain brand loyal customers through local search optimization.


Download our Local Brand Report to get information on our Key Findings on:

- Why reputation management is essential to the success of any business, especially restaurants where consumers make purchase decisions daily.
- How brands use reputation management to ensure that each location delivers a consistent customer experience and the online experience is no exception. 
- As brands look to recover from the pandemic, a strong online reputation can be a secret weapon for growth. In fact, a 0.1 star rating increase in a brand’s average rating can increase conversions by 25%.

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